mari exercise!!

mari exercise!!

If you look inside a girl's heart

you'd sees how much she really cries,

you'll find secrets hidden, best friends, and lies,

but what you'll see the most is how hard it is

to stay strong when nothing's right

and everything's wrong.

[ unknown ]

Saturday, January 22, 2011

kenangan terindah~

apakah yang menjadi kenangan terindah di dalam hidup saya?? definitely, STUDIO!!!!!!!!! IIUM, Kaed.... gombak....
saya sangat rindukan zaman belajar, where there was not much stress, yes honey... being a working adult is much much more stressful than stress in the studio... staying up late, curi-curi keluar malam2 untuk pegi makan di highway.... pegi karaoke dari kol 10 malam sampai kol 3 pagi.. lepak uptown.. subuh balik uia, semayang dan terus sambung kerja dalam studio.... what a terrific.. amazing experiences in my life.. i will definitely cherish  the moments in my whole life.. damn!! i am so very missing my life as a student....

all my friends from studio.. B.URP , class of 2006... i miss u guys so damn much.. u guys were responsible in shaping me rite now.. i mean, personally, mentally.. not physically... ahahahaha.. from the bottom of my heart.. i wish u guys well, happy, successfull and success!!! GANBATTE!!!!!!!
our studio trip to Japan, was absolutely amazing.. i really miss those moments... (start laa nak emoo)

then, august 2006, after a year struggling with project paper... yang akhirnya berjaya dihantar sipi2........ kita semua pon grad!!!!!! yayayyyyyy!!!!!!!!
rasa2nya esok nak pegi uia la... rindu la plak ngan bangunan kaed tuh.... sangat2 rindu ngan nescafe freeze dekat library.. walaupun itu tempat lepak mamat2 foreigners... (cam menyampah je aku) dating sepah2.. eeee.. aku tonyoh2 kang... tapi, aku rindu sangat2 ngan uia!!!!!!!!!

pendek kata...


if I can trade in something for my past, I am ready to do this again...

Every experience that we have is encoded in our brains. This is certainly true from the day we are born, and many people believe that we also have access to past life experiences. What is the purpose of filing away all that data? Although we are unaware of it, our unconscious dictates many of our life decisions. Our unconscious has access to all of these memories. When we work to bring awareness to the memories that are dictating our decisions, we are able to make conscious choices about our lives.

Strolling down memory lane

  Strolling down memory lane
Where the colors begin to fade.
Strolling down memory lane
Is where I want you to come along.

Strolling down memory lane
is a test of time and mind.
Strolling down memory lane
I won’t be afraid.

Strolling down memory lane
Is not lacking in color.
Strolling down memory lane
Is not a big bummer.

Strolling down memory lane
Not a storm in sight
Strolling down memory lane
is joy without bite.

A memory that I have created in my mind,
Stands the test of time.
Memories are like dream, a reflection of the past.
My memories can kiss my…
Ask me no questions I will tell you no lies.

taran burke


yaz said...

hi kak...u were iium too?

me kaed also...teehee~ ^_^

YoOsH said...

yupp... nice!!!!