mari exercise!!

mari exercise!!

If you look inside a girl's heart

you'd sees how much she really cries,

you'll find secrets hidden, best friends, and lies,

but what you'll see the most is how hard it is

to stay strong when nothing's right

and everything's wrong.

[ unknown ]

Sunday, June 26, 2011


lama sangat3 dah tak update... bukan ape, my blog and email kene ban..
dont know why.. it has been reported and somewhat was being banned by google account..
what the hell.....

okay then,
sometimes i really really feels like writing.. but, with the feeling that i might says or write something privacy and harmful towards my big family.. i shouold lay low..

there is a lots of thing, events and accidents happening rite now,.... the air is not so suitable for me to write.. it might hurt somebody..

Sunday, January 23, 2011

walking for weight loss

Not a Walk in the Park
Walking is easy: you can do it anywhere, anytime with no special equipment. There's no learning curve and it's something you can incorporate all day long. However, The Mortality and Morbidity Weekly Review featured a study about walking for exercise and found that only 26% of the people in the study walked briskly enough to achieve the intensity level recommended by the U.S. surgeon general. So, how do you know when you're going fast enough? Use the checklist below to make your walking workout more effective.
Your walking checklist:

  • Pump your arms. Keep your elbows at 90 degrees and swing your arms back and forth in a natural motion to add intensity.
  • Shorten your stride. In her article "10 Walking Mistakes to Avoid", Wendy Bumgardner says, "All of the power of your walk comes from pushing with the back leg and foot." When you increase your speed, take shorter, quicker steps.
  • Stand up straight. Are you slumping? Good posture helps you breathe easier and you put less stress on your back, shoulders and neck.
  • Walk briskly. What is brisk? It means walking fast enough to cover at least 3.5 miles in an hour. To figure it all out, walk a mile and time it. If you make it in 15 minutes or less, you're on the right track.
  • Monitor your intensity. Pretend as though you're late for an appointment or hurrying to catch a bus. That should be your pace throughout your workout.
  • Walk long enough. Your walk should be between 30-60 minutes.
  • Spice things up. How about adding some hills, speed-walking or even jogging to boost intensity? This is no time to stop and smell the roses (although you can enjoy their lovely color as you whisk by).
Walking is an excellent way to meet your cardio needs as long as you work hard enough. A leisurely stroll certainly has its place but, if you're going for weight loss, save the strolls and pick up the pace.

my bro gave me this book.. i dont know.. last year maybe... he got this book for his loyalty to reader's digest.. i guess..... now, I already read this book.. (finally).. i will have to follow the guides.. i wanna get a pedometer..
so, according to this book, i need to be in a really good shape to be healthy.. like i dont know that.. so, what can i do now is to follow the walking programme that have been stated inside.. it should be monitored with good diet plans also.. which is quite hard for me to follow.. as i am as stubborn as a donkey... but, ill have myself check with the diet plan.. i think i will...
i really need to get my head straight towards achieving my goal!! if i want to impress the person that i have a crush rite now, i need to be in a good shape.. healthy.. i will have to.. i got no other choice.. this is the only choice i have... wish me luck peepss!!!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

i-city - jan 20,2011

kami2 samapi juga ke i-city walaupun tak jadi pada hari yang sepatutnya...

kenangan terindah~

apakah yang menjadi kenangan terindah di dalam hidup saya?? definitely, STUDIO!!!!!!!!! IIUM, Kaed.... gombak....
saya sangat rindukan zaman belajar, where there was not much stress, yes honey... being a working adult is much much more stressful than stress in the studio... staying up late, curi-curi keluar malam2 untuk pegi makan di highway.... pegi karaoke dari kol 10 malam sampai kol 3 pagi.. lepak uptown.. subuh balik uia, semayang dan terus sambung kerja dalam studio.... what a terrific.. amazing experiences in my life.. i will definitely cherish  the moments in my whole life.. damn!! i am so very missing my life as a student....

all my friends from studio.. B.URP , class of 2006... i miss u guys so damn much.. u guys were responsible in shaping me rite now.. i mean, personally, mentally.. not physically... ahahahaha.. from the bottom of my heart.. i wish u guys well, happy, successfull and success!!! GANBATTE!!!!!!!
our studio trip to Japan, was absolutely amazing.. i really miss those moments... (start laa nak emoo)

then, august 2006, after a year struggling with project paper... yang akhirnya berjaya dihantar sipi2........ kita semua pon grad!!!!!! yayayyyyyy!!!!!!!!
rasa2nya esok nak pegi uia la... rindu la plak ngan bangunan kaed tuh.... sangat2 rindu ngan nescafe freeze dekat library.. walaupun itu tempat lepak mamat2 foreigners... (cam menyampah je aku) dating sepah2.. eeee.. aku tonyoh2 kang... tapi, aku rindu sangat2 ngan uia!!!!!!!!!

pendek kata...


if I can trade in something for my past, I am ready to do this again...

Every experience that we have is encoded in our brains. This is certainly true from the day we are born, and many people believe that we also have access to past life experiences. What is the purpose of filing away all that data? Although we are unaware of it, our unconscious dictates many of our life decisions. Our unconscious has access to all of these memories. When we work to bring awareness to the memories that are dictating our decisions, we are able to make conscious choices about our lives.

Strolling down memory lane

  Strolling down memory lane
Where the colors begin to fade.
Strolling down memory lane
Is where I want you to come along.

Strolling down memory lane
is a test of time and mind.
Strolling down memory lane
I won’t be afraid.

Strolling down memory lane
Is not lacking in color.
Strolling down memory lane
Is not a big bummer.

Strolling down memory lane
Not a storm in sight
Strolling down memory lane
is joy without bite.

A memory that I have created in my mind,
Stands the test of time.
Memories are like dream, a reflection of the past.
My memories can kiss my…
Ask me no questions I will tell you no lies.

taran burke

Thursday, January 20, 2011

too much expectations

You expect to much, and because you don't get what you expect, you are disappointed. In life, in parents, in friends, in yourself. In everything in general and nothing in particular.
Life is what YOU make of it. Nothing more and nothing less.

Monday, January 17, 2011

fall with dignity

sometimes we might fall on our faces, but make sure we fall with dignity!!
 kpli yang baru2 nih keluar... ade yang dapat... member aku cikgu gstt sama2 dkat smk gombak setia tuh dapat.. huhuhuh.. aku sedih sangat2.. aku tak dapat2... aku merajuk sangat sangat sangat sangat ngan profesion perguruan.. aku tension sangat2... aku tak dapat2 jadi cikgu, gstt ni hanya temporary.. anytime boleh kene sack.. aku tak tau laa ape nak jadi ngan hidup aku.. aku dah 28 thn pada tahun 2011 nih, tapi aku masih tak ada kerja tetap.. hidup aku tak ada hala tujuan.. tak ada point... dengan badan yang gemuk macam badak, aku tak ade teman hidup lagi... aku tak ade bendanak dilakukan dengan hidup aku... aku tak tau laaa ape yang patut aku buat ngan hidup aku nih... aku rasa semua benda tak kena...

Sunday, January 16, 2011

minum kopi dulu~

Mungkin ini kedengaran pelik tetapi baik untuk anda cuba. Sesekali sebelum memulakan senaman, apa kata jika anda cuba minum secawan kopi.  

Kandungan kafein di dalam kopi akan menjadi wake-up call yang istimewa buat otak anda.   Ia membantu anda untuk mengekalkan tahap kecergasan anda lebih lama dari 30 minit.

Selain itu, ia juga membantu tubuh membakar lemak terlebih dahulu dari karbohidrat di dalam tubuh sebagai sumber tenaga bagi aktiviti kecergasan tersebut.

Jadi, sekarang saya akan biasakan diri untuk minum kopi pada setiap waktu pagi...

How can I make my morning coffee more environmentally friendly? 5 tips.

  1. Drink your coffee black. Milk requires a whole lot of resources. It takes 53 gallons of water to produce one glass of milk. It also creates significantly more carbon, according to the Guardian. “If you make a white tea, filter coffee or instant coffee, and you don’t overfill the kettle, then the milk will typically account for around two-thirds of the total [carbon] footprint - more than boiling the water and cultivating the tea or coffee put together. One reason for this counter-intuitively large contribution is that milk comes from cows, which, as ruminant animals, belch a lot of methane into the air.” And you have to keep that milk refrigerated.
  2. Buy coffee grown in environmentally friendly and socially responsible and environmental standards. Coffee labeled as “fair trade” is required to meet both
  3. Bring your own mug. And then use that mug over and over and over. It doesn’t help the environment if you keep buying a new tumbler every week to replace the one you left on the train…and the one you left at the coffee shop…and the one you left at your boyfriends apartment…
  4. If you buy your coffee beans at a coffee shop, see if they’ll let you bring your own container. Just make sure they weigh it first so you don’t end up paying more than you should.
  5. Consider a coffee maker with a thermos-like metal pot to keep your coffee warm without keeping the burner on. Avoid single-use non-recyclable pods. Slate has a great discussion about what brewing methods are best.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

first impression

The Roman poet Phaedrus wrote;

"Things are not always what they seem. The first appearance deceives many. The intelligence of a few perceives what has been carefully hidden."

Physical appearance will always comes first, when we are dealing with strange people. It is always their looks that we are up to. But sometimes or maybe most of the time its tricky.

Have you ever been deceived by the looks of the person? When was that?